Groove, the South African Student Experience 

By Khanimamba Khoza 

By no means is this article an endorsement of going to groove every day or every weekend to each, their own. However, I would still like to offer some pointers on how to cope with being a student by integrating your academic studies and your personal life seamlessly. 

Going out with friends or alone grants you an opportunity to explore networking that you can only ever experience in the university environment. I met my best friend at a Nelson Mandela University’s freshers’ ball and life has never been dull for me since. However, it is also important to note that not all university parties are wild and rowdy, some are chilled alcohol-free. So, find what works for you, the point here is to socialize and network, in the best way for you.

As a Psychology student, I would be remiss not to mention the benefits of having positive interactions in your life, having a group of friends that will positively encourage for a timeout from studying as it can get overwhelming if no breaks are taken. Just by going to the beach can create an environment that is safe from the overwhelming nature of studying every day and can even foster teamwork as you engage in fun activities with friends. This can also come in handy during those group assignments that most students dread because they do not function well within groups.

The most important point of going out, is the simplest point of it, you will have a great time and you won’t be bored, and when you are not bored all the time, I like to imagine you can even function more effectively as a student. So yes, students, study hard but also go to groove every now and then to relax, or to the beach. Whatever your idea of relaxing is, do not allow yourself to neglect it in favour of academic performance, find a healthy balance and stick to it.

Photo credit: Khanimamba Khoza 

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