Post-Break Blues  

By Lelodwa Ngamlana 

Presently, it would be fair that you know exactly what your body needs after a few days of term break – ways to get back into your ‘master routine,’ the one that allows you to get things done.

Many people, during their short-term break, tend to sleep later than usual and give themselves more screentime. However, this unintentionally ruins their sleeping pattern and once the break is over, they may find themselves overtired and end up oversleeping and missing deadlines!

So how do you get your power back? By finding ways to manage your time and avoiding procrastination. This means having a to-do list to become more organized, developing self-discipline and holding yourself accountable for mishaps. If you have noisy housemates or roommates, forge an agreement with them or catch a shuttle and visit the library where you may have fewer distractions.

Holding yourself accountable means paying attention to how you play a part in everything. There will always be disruptions, everywhere, like when you visit the bathroom and catch yourself in the mirror and before long you are taking selfies. It is your responsibility to make sure that it stops right then and there – that it does not lead to you opening social media and inevitably, a rabbit hole. Take self-control.

You deserve a healthy and fruitful routine.

Photo credit: Siyabonga Dlamini

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