The Effects of Virtual Learning

By Amahle Phendu

With virtual learning being the only option during the pandemic, everyone had no choice but to adapt and move with the time.

Virtual learning is an experience in learning supported by electronic devices ,both inside and outside the resources of an educational institution. In this, the learners and teachers are separated physically, and interact mostly in an online environment.

The transition to virtual leaning did not only affect teachers who need to change their way of teaching, it also affected learners who needed to adapt to the new learning environment. One of the most important consequences of this transition to virtual learning is the impact that it has on students’ physical health, mental health and sleeping habits.

Another issue is that while some students have access to resources like reliable internet and libraries, low-income families often cannot provide the same assistance ,thus, virtual learning increases educational inequalities.

As it is clear that virtual learning separates learners and teachers, and this in most cases, leads to social isolation and results in pupils not developing communication skills that are very much important in these times. This is one of the negative effects of not being able to interact with other students and teachers in virtual learning.

These challenges of online learning can impact both learners and teachers to a great extent, as it is clear the negatives of this style of learning are too much to be ignored.

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