Healthy Living with Sima 

By Bantu Ndiki

What started as a mission to gain strength and body mass for Simamkele Mata, who was preparing to qualify for the provincial rugby team, has converted to a journey of fitness as a career. Mata excelled in rugby all through high school, but sadly his journey ended as result of an injury.  

Simamkele was born beautiful Fort Beaufort in the Eastern Cape, and is currently residing in Port Elizabeth, pursuing his studies in Tourism Management at Nelson Mandela University. He is currently self-employed as an independent distributor of nutritious goods, and helps the community with body fitness and nutrition programmes. 

“I’ve always been an active person when it comes to fitness but never really interested – or rather, concerned – about nutrition,” said Simamkele. This all changed when he met a sponsor around town who invited him to his office and showed him results of people focussing on nutrition and fitness. This was the beginning of the new healthy journey for Simamkele. 

 One of the new pieces of knowledge revealed from the nutrition and fitness programme that Simamkele learnt, was that 20% is working out and 80% is nutrition. What you consume is what is important. Getting the lean six pack, lean muscles, muscle gain, weight loss and body shaping is built through nutrition and training. Nutrition is the core element for body transformation, and this is what drives Simamkele. He is currently planning future fit and boot camps around Central, Port Elizabeth to push a healthy lifestyle. 

Photo credit: Simamkele Mata

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