Onela Sigobelwana – Christian Influencer 

By Bantu Ndiki 

At the age of twenty-eight, Onela Sigobelwana is living her purpose. The combination thereof and influential skills, gave birth to the well-known ‘Onela’, followed by thousands of people on social media, all ready to indulge themselves on content she is serving. 

Onela grew up in East London, in a Christian home, and has always been a ‘church girl’. She used to call her self ‘Onela Sive Methu No Problem’ because she took life simple and still does today. Besides being an influencer she plays other roles, like being a wife to her husband and a spear to her church. It was in 2020 whe she started being noticed, exploring different niches, of which some would exhaust her up until she found her ‘it’. 

The social media buzz she harnesses today was never a mistake or a fluke – everything she was all about came together to lead to this – her purpose, influential skills, and her qualification in Public Relations, all came into good use to what she is all about. What drew her to social media was the voice, power and impact the influencers have in people worldwide. She wanted to plant seeds of faith, hope, love, and restoration while living a prayerful and purposeful life. This is where the influence began through Rhema Word of God. Instagram and Facebook Live started trending all over social media of Onela praying live with people all over the country – where she connects spiritually and gives sermons. 

This is what distinguished Onela from other content creators. 

“My content is basically my everyday life. I live by praying throughout the day, reading the Word and fasting”. 

During this interview, Onela stated that in the next five years she would like to become the Sarah Jakes of South Africa. She sees herself traveling South Africa preaching the Word of God, setting up prayer groups to minimise the rate of young people suffering from depression, as well as praying for marriages, education, unemployment, and other socio-economic issues affecting society. 

Search for her on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok – Onela Sigobelwana 

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