Severe Heatwaves Linked to Rise in Global Warming 

By Sonia Van Der Linde 

Recent reports of extreme heatwaves experienced by South Asian countries such as Pakistan and India have caused serious concern, as it has been found that a rise in global warming significantly increased the chances of such heatwaves occurring. Many scientists have now confirmed that the heatwaves were 1ﹾC hotter than it would have been without the effects of global warming. This increase may seem small and insignificant; however, the difference is felt and it is a clear sign that global warming is increasing the Earth’s surface temperature much faster than expected and will most likely keep increasing at such a fast rate.   

It’s no surprise that the current rate of increase in global warming is a direct result of human activity. Industrial processes and even everyday activities such as driving, emit a large amount of greenhouse gasses such as methane. These gasses absorb frequencies of infrared radiation coming from Earth’s surface, which essentially traps heat in the atmosphere. As many of our vegetation are acclimatized to certain conditions, many crops cannot survive in the new conditions. This loss along with an obvious decrease in our water supply due to quick evaporation within waterbodies has had a clear increase in heat and malnutrition related deaths and illnesses.  

If our greenhouse gas emissions do not decrease soon, the Earth’s surface will experience a faster and more intense rise in temperature. If history has taught us anything though, humans are experts in ignoring red flags and we should prepare for more natural disasters, more death, and more devastation.  

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