Day Zero: Madibaz Sport Water Crisis Contingency Plans

By Madibaz Sport Communication and Marketing

The University continues to implement measures to manage the water crisis with various divisions introducing, and leading by example, with their own plans to this end.

A pro-active approach in managing the limited water supply in the Metro, while also remaining functional, is expected of each area across the institution.

Ultimately, it is our collective response to the water crisis that will ensure that we are able to support our students in completing their 2022 studies with as little discomfort as possible.

While Madibaz Sport is contractually obligated to continue with its commitments with various Metro and Provincial sporting codes on campus, it has introduced various measures to better manage water usage.


It has put the following principles in place to guide its efforts in saving water:

  • Contractual sporting obligations with both internal and external parties will be met as far as possible.
  • Participation commitments for our sportsmen and women will be met as far as possible.
  • Social sport activities to combat social ills on campus will continue.

Implementation Guidelines

To ensure that water usage is effectively managed and saved, Madibaz Sport liaises daily with each sport club and is working closely with maintenance colleagues and facility clients. This is to stay on top of the latest information from the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality and the various interventions by the University to provide alternative water supply via reclaimed and borehole water.

Through this interaction, Madibaz Sport is able to advise on the availability of alternative services, such a potable water and portable toilets, for bookings for sport and non-sporting events in its facilities and the use of its Fitness and Aquatic Centre.

Water-saving Initiatives

To save water, Madibaz Sport:

  • Closed the gyms during recess.
  • Cut back on staff numbers on campus by, for example, introducing shift work for facility support staff.
  • Stopped all new facility bookings from external clients until the end of August 2022. This decision will be re-evaluated on 1 September.
  • Informed all sport managers to limit on-campus sport activities to the absolute minimum, without compromising performance levels at league and national tertiary sport events.
  • Informed all clients of existing events booked on University campuses regarding the water risk and to ensure that they plan for possible additional potable water needs, portable toilets, hand santisers, etc.
  • Procured a service provider to delink the Madibaz Stadium irrigation system from potable water and to connect the system to the Cape Recife recycled water.

Additional Information

For all water crisis information go to the dedicated University webpage.  

For Madibaz Sport-related inquiries please contact

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