Nondumiso Cele on Mental Health

By Bantu Ndiki

With different ways of dealing, treating, and managing anxiety as people and professional bodies, everyone has their own unique direction that works best for them like that of Nondumiso Cele, a senior Pharmacy Student at Nelson Mandela University. 

Nondumiso believes that to have a proper plan, one needs to have realistic goals set – this includes academic performance, your personal and social life. These are the very same goals that will push one to see a need to accomplish them, simultaneously create anxiety management techniques that are best for oneself. 

For someone with Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging (INFJ) and   Introverted, Observant, Feeling, and Judging (ISFJ) personality traits, one must abstain from triggers and anything that disturbs the inner peace. When alone, make use of the time and space to meditate, to block all racing thoughts in your mind and bring yourself to the present, to prevent you from overthinking about the future. 

Pampering, treating, and acknowledging yourself with goodies, excursions and some fresh air, is where you practice self-love.  

Another form of self-care is to make use of podcast platform and listen to motivational talks. Regularly keep your body active by dedicating yourself to weekly morning jogs more especially around nature. Recycle daily self-affirmations by writing letters to yourself, reminders and posters and place them on the bedroom wall. One of Nondumiso’s favourites is that she makes it a point that she talks with her loved ones, especially those who consider her as their role model. 

As the Christian she is, she speaks and engages with God which also assists in her wellbeing. 

These coping skills has worked for Nondumiso so great that, she has allowed herself to take baby steps to getting to know herself better and finding out more about her personality. 

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