Politics is Interested in You 

By Somila Tiwani

Pericles said, “Just because you don’t care about politics doesn’t mean politics won’t care about you.” It is vital to become active in politics rather than merely shrugging our shoulders or complaining about how the government is running the country.

We frequently complain about political concerns, yet nothing changes. If you want to change things, then you need to stand up for your beliefs. By getting involved in politics, you can learn more about how a certain issue is being handled and determine what must be done to try to influence the changes you want. 

There have been ongoing political discussions on social media concerning South Africa’s present situation, including the rise in fuel prices, load shedding, corruption, and young unemployment, among other things. Every single one of us is impacted by the decisions that politicians make, whether they are acting at local, national, or international levels. We should be aware of everything that is being done on our behalf since the citizens taxes finance for their decisions and policies. 

It is crucial to remember that discussions on social media are insufficient; voting is essential. If you don’t cast a ballot in elections, you don’t have the right to criticize how other people vote.

It’s important to be aware of what’s going on around us. Find a reliable news source and stay up to date on current affairs. Politics is not necessarily a boring topic which we should prefer to avoid; there is already apathy in politics, and while it may seem that it doesn’t matter who is in power, ignoring politics will not make things better. Regardless of how flawed the system is, we should not just shrug our shoulders and act helpless.

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