The Perks of Off-Campus Life 

By Mfundo Ndima

Have you ever wondered what life at Nelson Mandela University is like, off campus, whether the type of activities is beneficial to you, or not? Luckily, I have the answers. 

The University takes pride in ensuring that their off-campus students receive the best service and the most conducive learning environments. They try their best to facilitate an area where students can develop themselves socially through engaging in activities, which slowly lay the foundation for their personal lives and future careers. There are many that you can actively participate in. Do you have an interest in politics? You can join a political party and build from there.

Nelson Mandela University ensures that all properties that accommodate their students, go through the process of accreditation. This is where the institution ensures that students live in a safe place, where they are well catered for, in an environment where they can live and learn.

Through doing so, the university makes sure that you are connected to the internet. This is part of their strategy to bridge the gap of the digital divide. So far, 60 accredited off-campus residences are connected to the university’s network, allowing students to partake in the digital space and utilize opportunities presented online.

Off-campus living is great – it gives you a chance to grow, explore, utilize, and participate in various opportunities. Which student wouldn’t enjoy off-campus life?

Photo credit: Mfundo Ndima

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