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Guard Your Energy

“Have you ever been in a dark hole and you just couldn’t find a way to exit, yet you can acknowledge that you’re in it?”. This is how one of the students described what it feels like to be in a toxic situation. Be it with a friend or a significant other. But how do these toxic situations affect you as a person? Are you really the company that you keep?  

Throughout all social media platforms, we are seeing more people using the word ‘toxic’ to either describe a person or a situation, but what does it really mean?. Toxic, as described by the English dictionary, is something that is poisonous. After multiple interviews with several students, it was evident that at some stage in their lives they have found themselves in situations where they felt that the people they were surrounding themselves with had negative repercussions and this had an impact on their emotional and mental health.  

The energy that you surround yourself with might not dictate who you are as a person, however, it does impact you emotionally and mentally. As nothing organic can grow when it’s surrounded by poison, subconsciously you are absorbing all the negative energy around you. With all that you do in life, be careful of the people that you allow into your space and the energy they bring with them because you could very much be feeding off it.  

No choice but to buckle up

As students, we have a lot on our plates; academics, relationships, commitments our resources are stretched to the max. It can be overwhelming. But we do not have a choice. The show must go on and we learn how to rise and carry on.  

One way to deal with anxiety is to make use of goal-setting. It’s important to have a “Why” – remember why you started and where you want to end up  

Here are a few other tips of dealing with stress: 

  1. Make time for and take care of yourself. Avoiding yourself is dangerous. You need time for self-reflection so that you can harness your strengths and develop your weaknesses.  
  2. Know where to direct your energy. Not everything is worth your energy. So steer it towards things that will bring you satisfaction and help you grow. 
  3. As much as this can be a cliché, prioritize. It will help you know what to focus on. 
  4. Be easy on yourself. It’s okay to fail. It’s ok to make mistakes, but do not let those failures and mistakes define who you are. 

Whenever you feel like giving up, buckle up and keep going, because the greater the challenge, the greater the achievement and it will be so worth it.  

Photographer: Lithalanga Vena 

Thought you’d have your life together by now?

Did you ever leave high school thinking “When I’m in university, I’ll have my life together,”? And now that you’re here, your life is still all over the place, probably a little messier if you’re honest? Many of us start wondering whether we’ll ever get to that time where life feels “in place”.  

The truth is we are all trying to figure life out – no one has a formula. The older we get, the more difficult life becomes, as responsibilities begin to pile up and our energy is pulled in many directions. Should this steal our happiness though?  

Absolutely not. Stressors are inevitable in life and “perfection” is a construct you will always be chasing. The answer is not perfection – it is a balance. Balance is about peace and harmony amidst the challenges. How can you move towards this type of balance? 

  1. Put your mental health first. 
  2. Ask for help. 
  3. Talk to someone about your problems. 
  4. Spend time with yourself. 
  5. Prioritize yourself. 

Along with physical health, mental health is extremely important. As students, life can be crazy – it is crucial to stop, pause and recharge. Learn to know what your mind and body need for you to be at your healthiest.

Photographer: pexels.com 


Rowing is a sport that consists of rowers propelling a boat forward by means of oars. It can be a team sport or an individual sport and uses the full body. Within rowing, there are some interesting sayings and phrases. Below are some of the most important terms associated with rowing and some interesting words, like coxswain, ergometer, rigger and starboard. 

Firstly, the directions on a boat: The front of the boat is called the bow and the rower sitting closest to the bow will cross the line first. The left side of the boat is called the port, the right side is called the starboard and the back of the boat is called the stern.  

To propel the boat forward, oars are dipped into the water and the water displaced drives the boat. The cadence of the boat for all to follow is set by the stroke, who is the rower located nearest to the stern. There is an “on-the-water” coach called the coxswain (or cox), who also steers.  

In rowing, there is a feeling (called swing) that is difficult to define, but one that rowers appreciate because the effect can result in improved speed and performance. Sometimes, when there is no swing, another method is needed to get ahead of the competition. One such technique that can be employed is called the Power 10, whereby the rowers pull ten of their best strokes in the hopes of a win.  

Nelson Mandela University has an active rowing team that, while competitive, also has social aspects. Rowing is a wonderful opportunity to get outdoors, get some exercise, develop skills and have a good time. 

GetDigiReady – Become a Technology Expert!

Do you own a smartphone or a laptop? Can you spend a day without logging onto social media? Imagine always being online and updated on both social trends and all your academic stuff on one device. How convenient!  

GetDigiReady is helpful to any student who would like to discover, explore, and always be connected to the university network. Most email updates communicated via Memo are beneficial to students with scholarships, bursaries, events and lecturers’ communication. Why not GetDigiReady, so you can read them as they are sent out and not wait for them to flood your inbox and end up missing important information?  

With over 2628 laptops distributed to first-year NSFAS students and more than 90% owning smartphones and or a laptop, Nelson Mandela University digitalisation is keeping up with the rapid technological advancement of the world. Using GetDigiReady will help you stay updated on your emails, Moodle site and student portal. You do not have to go to the library, computer laboratories or wait to be in Wi-Fi zones as you can access everything from your phone or laptop with little data consumption.  

To sync your emails to your Android or IOS phone, follow all prompts for adding an exchange account, change the server to “outlook.office365.com” and activate. It’s important to note that the username has to be entered in this format, studentnumber@mandela.ac.za. Your email account will then be set up. Instructions on how to set up your mobile device WiFi or emails are available in both Xhosa and English for Android and IOS users. To connect to Wi-Fi, select Eduroam and enter your studentnumber@mandela.ac.za and your allocated password. For some cellphones, you need to change the option ‘Phase-2 Authentication’ to ‘MSCHAPV2’.  

For videos on how to GetDigiReady, click on the student portal link or here.  

Why not save time and always be updated with your social media, University emails or Moodle site updates from wherever you are? Explore and enjoy more benefits of technology today.


Imagery: Sandiso Ngwenya (MSc Chemistry student) in a Postgraduate library computer with her phone – ALWAYS ACADEMICALLY ONLINE 

Source: Bianke Fouche 

Famed Media Personality Launches Book

Media personality turned entrepreneur, Sbusiso Leope widely known as “DJ Sbu” launched his third book at Nelson Mandela University’s South Campus. “The Art of Hustling: Sell or Surrender” is the third book written by the Thembisa native. The event took place on Friday 26 April 2019. 

In an attempt to get his fans and upcoming entrepreneurs to cultivate their unique edge, DJ Sbu created his latest masterpiece. The book was launched to an energetic crowd of students and fans which he addressed at the Nelson Mandela University. During DJ Sbu’s talk, he spoke about his struggles as an entrepreneur and covered topics such as; religion, mentoring others, ownership and his move to America. 

Throughout the talk, DJ Sbu stressed the importance of an entrepreneur knowing their worth and possessing the eagerness to learn – this being the main message of his book. He stated that as his success grew, doors were opened that enabled him to branch into different spaces in both entertainment and business. He also emphasized the power of a positive attitude. His setbacks could have easily discouraged him to quit, but he took advantage of the experiences and knowledge he was indulging in to start his own ventures. 

Upon moving to America, he wanted to learn the culture of the people he looked up to when growing up. He moved to see where they hang out, how they live and how they go about their general business. He believes that to elevate yourself, you need to move out of your comfort zone and study the people who are in spaces you aspire to be in. 

DJ Sbu’s book launch was an astounding success as all the books sold out. MadibazNews got a chance to talk to the mogul – that interview will be published in our fourth edition coming out soon. 

Why 2019 is such a great year for movies

After seeing last year’s successes, 2019 decided to give 2018 a run for its money with all the sequels, remakes and original movies airing this year.  

Taraji P Henson gave us her own version of What Women Want and it was a total hit. The live action/CGI engineered version of Dumbo has kicked off the year, but there are other movies that may potentially be taking the spotlight from the beloved elephant. The king of the jungle, Simba, will return in a CGI-mastered version of the adored The Lion King, featuring voices of the legendary James Earl Jones, Donald Glover, Beyoncé, and many more. 

The wheel will then be turned by Will Smith in the remake of Aladdin, where the Fresh Prince takes on the role of Genie. A remake of one of Smith’s hit movies, Men in Black, then hits the screens where former Thor: Ragnarok co-stars, Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson, will suit up. 

Speaking of suiting up, Captain Marvel opened March up in luminous red, gold and blue, giving us one of the Infinity Saga films that Marvel has worked on for over ten years. Her story was highly successful, soaring past Wakanda and stealing the top spot with opening weekend numbers. Soon, she will join the rest of The Avengers in Avengers: Endgame, the last movie in which we’ll see most of our favourite heroes, to hopefully undo the damage done by Thanos. 

After DC’s redemption, Aquaman, Shazam fills the big screen in hopes of bridging the gap between comedy and action. Following Venom’s lead, Joker shows us the life of a villain through his solo movie, unmasking the villain who has tormented Batman for years. 

Opening Marvel’s new era, Tom Holland reprises the role of Spider-Man and takes us through Europe. In another timeline, New Mutants and Rise of The Phoenix will be sharpening the X-Men series.  

After giving up his toys in Toy Story 3, Andy’s toys return in Toy Story 4. As with Frozen 2, not much was offered through their teaser trailers. 

Ryan Reynolds will take on the role of Pikachu in POKEMON’s Detective Pikachu which may just be one for the books. Other classic characters, like ‘Hellboy’ and ‘Hobbs and Shaw’ of the Fast & The Furious franchise, will also be making solo appearances. Horror movie fans are in for a treat this year with Jordan Pele’s Us which recently hit the cinema, giving us the first all-black main family in a horror film, reminding us that representation matters. So do toys – which is why Annabelle will be making her return, hopefully before IT: 2

These are only a few of the movies coming our way this year. Here’s to having a warm seat with your name on it at the cinema. 

Varsity Shield Semi – Finals

Nelson Mandela University’s Varsity Shield team is through to the 2019 finals! Thursday 4 April saw the FNB Madibaz team beat FNB UKZN 46-0 in a superior display of rugby skills played on home ground.  

A tunnel made by The Southern Kings rugby players and Madibaz cheerleaders for the NMU boys started the match in a fierce manner and this fight continued until the final whistle of the match, with some decent points scored in the last few minutes. This Madibaz fire was seen off the field as well, as Buhle BenMazwi was named NMU’s Miss Varsity Shield 2019 and will represent Madibaz at the Miss Varsity Shield Final 2019. Other off-field entertainment included displays by the Madibaz cheerleaders, a spectator dance-off and a build-a-burger competition sponsored by Steers. 

The cold and typical Port Elizabeth wind did not seem to affect the Madibaz team nor their supporters as they cheered and chanted the boys to their sixth win, leaving them undefeated in the lead up to the finals against Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT), whom NMU beat in round one 38 – 21. Hopefully, they can repeat this victory on Thursday 11 April. 

So warm up your vocal cords, wear your Madibaz navy and yellow and bring your gees to the NMU stadium on Thursday at 18:15 and do your part to help motivate our boys to win the Varsity Shield tournament. 

Photo of the Varsity Shield Semi-Finals post-match: Gina Cossavella 

Why are people so sensitive to social cues?

People require validation from those around them, hence they are hyper-aware of social cues because they tend to live up to social expectations rather than being their true selves, which is why negative cues play to the need to rebel. 

A social cue can be either be a verbal or non-verbal hint that guides the social interaction, for example, gossiping, smirking, pointing or laughing. There are also social ways to manipulate the behaviour of susceptible people. According to Preston Ni in Psychology Today, there are many positive aspects to being a sensitive person, however, high sensitivity can adversely affect one’s health, happiness, success and can often complicate relationships. He defined high sensitivity as acute physical, mental, and emotional responses to social, environmental or intra-personal stimuli.  

People often worry about what other people are thinking of them and it can often feel like people are judgmental even when there is no strong evidence to that effect. People are also afraid of rejection even in relatively minor situations. A research study conducted by the Social Issues Research Centre shows that gossip accounts for 55% of men’s conversation time and 67% of women, clearly showing that most people are indeed gossiping. 

Sherwin George, a Psychology student said, “We are brought up with a socially constructed reality of authority. When we face criticism, it causes a conflict within ourselves, created by others in the form of cues. We see it as prodigious abjection towards our authority, activating our defensive instincts. Basically, we see it as a sort of psychological battle of intimidation. 

Psychologist, Dr Nicholas Emler said that language evolved to allow people to gossip and develop more complex societies. People are sensitive to negative social cues because they are relatively obedient to society in general 

Mfundo Hlatshwayo, also a psychology student, had the following to say, “Social cues are deeper than what we think they are. I think people fear being gossiped about and there’s obviously a developmental stage where people think everything is about them. Sometimes it’s about how you look at them. 

Generally, people get emotionally and mentally stronger as they grow older and experience more in life. This growth ideally works towards emotional stability and an ability to respond more maturely to feedback in our environments with the ultimate goal of self-confidence and healthy, trusting relationships.  

Image source: crosswalk.com 

The OG VR Pet

Physicists say we’ve hit a technological advancement rut. We’re no longer innovating, but rather just improving what already exists. This notion is greatly proven in the resurrection of the beloved 1997 digital pet, Tamagotchi. The product’s official website claims that it is back with the ‘original programming’ and for some of us, this could possibly be the most exciting piece of tech we could get our hands on.  

Tamagotchi (pronounced TAH-MAH-GOH-CHEE) are Japanese-designed, excitement-inducing virtual reality (digital) pets that appear in a palm-sized device that contains a liquid crystal display. You are required to feed, play with, turn the lights on and off for it to sleep, keep it healthy, give it medicine and discipline the creature when its behaviour gets out of hand. All by pressing buttons A, B or C. They start off at the egg stage of life, but don’t resemble animals. There are seven different adults you can choose from (if you keep them alive long enough to get there). These critters were originally priced at around R250.00 ($17.99) in 1997 and since their resurgence have dropped in price to R180.00 ($13.99). 

They were such a popular item in the 90’s that it’s expected many adults who were children back then may be tempted to own one again. If your Tamagotchi dies, you can happily reset the game and begin your journey again and again. Many apps over the years have tried to replicate the game and experience on mobile devices, but not many could engineer the enjoyment that the original Tamagotchi provides. The addition of advertisements and monetary systems only frustrates users and leaves them longing for the days of simpler technology. If you’re eager to get your hands on an old-school toy, this is definitely a rite of passage for every 80’s – 00’s baby.

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