Famed Media Personality Launches Book

Media personality turned entrepreneur, Sbusiso Leope widely known as “DJ Sbu” launched his third book at Nelson Mandela University’s South Campus. “The Art of Hustling: Sell or Surrender” is the third book written by the Thembisa native. The event took place on Friday 26 April 2019. 

In an attempt to get his fans and upcoming entrepreneurs to cultivate their unique edge, DJ Sbu created his latest masterpiece. The book was launched to an energetic crowd of students and fans which he addressed at the Nelson Mandela University. During DJ Sbu’s talk, he spoke about his struggles as an entrepreneur and covered topics such as; religion, mentoring others, ownership and his move to America. 

Throughout the talk, DJ Sbu stressed the importance of an entrepreneur knowing their worth and possessing the eagerness to learn – this being the main message of his book. He stated that as his success grew, doors were opened that enabled him to branch into different spaces in both entertainment and business. He also emphasized the power of a positive attitude. His setbacks could have easily discouraged him to quit, but he took advantage of the experiences and knowledge he was indulging in to start his own ventures. 

Upon moving to America, he wanted to learn the culture of the people he looked up to when growing up. He moved to see where they hang out, how they live and how they go about their general business. He believes that to elevate yourself, you need to move out of your comfort zone and study the people who are in spaces you aspire to be in. 

DJ Sbu’s book launch was an astounding success as all the books sold out. MadibazNews got a chance to talk to the mogul – that interview will be published in our fourth edition coming out soon. 

Why 2019 is such a great year for movies

After seeing last year’s successes, 2019 decided to give 2018 a run for its money with all the sequels, remakes and original movies airing this year.  

Taraji P Henson gave us her own version of What Women Want and it was a total hit. The live action/CGI engineered version of Dumbo has kicked off the year, but there are other movies that may potentially be taking the spotlight from the beloved elephant. The king of the jungle, Simba, will return in a CGI-mastered version of the adored The Lion King, featuring voices of the legendary James Earl Jones, Donald Glover, Beyoncé, and many more. 

The wheel will then be turned by Will Smith in the remake of Aladdin, where the Fresh Prince takes on the role of Genie. A remake of one of Smith’s hit movies, Men in Black, then hits the screens where former Thor: Ragnarok co-stars, Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson, will suit up. 

Speaking of suiting up, Captain Marvel opened March up in luminous red, gold and blue, giving us one of the Infinity Saga films that Marvel has worked on for over ten years. Her story was highly successful, soaring past Wakanda and stealing the top spot with opening weekend numbers. Soon, she will join the rest of The Avengers in Avengers: Endgame, the last movie in which we’ll see most of our favourite heroes, to hopefully undo the damage done by Thanos. 

After DC’s redemption, Aquaman, Shazam fills the big screen in hopes of bridging the gap between comedy and action. Following Venom’s lead, Joker shows us the life of a villain through his solo movie, unmasking the villain who has tormented Batman for years. 

Opening Marvel’s new era, Tom Holland reprises the role of Spider-Man and takes us through Europe. In another timeline, New Mutants and Rise of The Phoenix will be sharpening the X-Men series.  

After giving up his toys in Toy Story 3, Andy’s toys return in Toy Story 4. As with Frozen 2, not much was offered through their teaser trailers. 

Ryan Reynolds will take on the role of Pikachu in POKEMON’s Detective Pikachu which may just be one for the books. Other classic characters, like ‘Hellboy’ and ‘Hobbs and Shaw’ of the Fast & The Furious franchise, will also be making solo appearances. Horror movie fans are in for a treat this year with Jordan Pele’s Us which recently hit the cinema, giving us the first all-black main family in a horror film, reminding us that representation matters. So do toys – which is why Annabelle will be making her return, hopefully before IT: 2

These are only a few of the movies coming our way this year. Here’s to having a warm seat with your name on it at the cinema. 

Captain Marvel film review

The twenty-first movie of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has finally come out. Having seen the trailers, I had an avid interest in this unknown hero. The movie, however, ended up being marginally disappointing 

Set in 1995, we first meet Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) as a trainee for the Starforce under the care of her mentor Yon-Rogg (Jude Law). From the get-go, it is evident that Carol has immense power which she is still being taught how to harness. She quickly ends up on planet Earth after an ambush on her first mission. In the team she winds up in, she meets Nick Fury and the movie officially begins.  

The plot of the movie is a bit unfulfilling. First, it is about discovering oneself. Then, a sister relationship that has little substance, making the emotional scenes feel unearned. After that, there is a plot twist of redemption and doing the right thing which does not do much for the film because there is no emotional investment.   

When it comes to the fighting, there is much to be desired and it falls short of what we have come to expect from MCU. For a 3D movie, the 3D effect was not used to its full potential. The directing was quite bland and did not really tell much of a story.  

As much of a great actress, Brie is, her acting in this instance was subpar. Captain Marvel’s confusion of not knowing who she is, her hurt in losing her friend and anger from being lied to are not translated well by her facial expressions and body language.  

Since this is an ‘origins’ movie it is only fitting that Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) and Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg) feature. The de-ageing CGI is absolutely spectacular to the extent that it is forgettable that the two actors are well past their youth.  

There were two main groups of people in this movie: those that wanted it to succeed and those that wanted it to fail. I would say the outcome lies dead centre between the two. It will, however, succeed because MCU fans are loyal and it adds to the suspense of the upcoming ‘Final Game’. On the other hand, it is not a great movie and does not live up to the high standards of MCU. 

Recommendation? Yes and no. If you have been keeping up with MCU then it is unmissable. If you watch movies just for the fun of it then you could do without it. 

Campus Life Festival Part 2: Campus Spirit Meets Campus Party

The Campus Life Festival is a classic favourite at the University and has been taking place at Nelson Mandela University for many years now. This year it took place on the 23rd of February and students partook in numerous sports and activities which all led up to the highly anticipated after party.

The sport was the starter of the day and had our students sprawled across campus, competing in many activities, including rugby, chess, netball and athletics. The sporting activities spilled well over into the afternoon and were then temporarily put on hold to give the floor to the long-awaited and thoroughly-practised residence Formations.

The 10-minute long choreographed routines are without fail an exciting part of the Campus Life Festival. These are performed by students staying in the Universities accommodation and are presented in a competitive manner, as each residence uses their performance to represent who they are.

Leading up to the first formation, hosts Sanele and Hlubi addressed the crowd gathered at the Madibaz Stadium. The audience was given a slight taste of what was to come when Hlubi, along with the Madibaz Cheerleaders performed a quick dance routine to boost the crowd’s energy. Next came the SRC who officially introduced themselves to the body of students present.

The formations finally commenced with an outstanding performance by Oceana. They set the bar high and included a re-enactment of one of the famous battle scenes seen in the Black Panther movie. Last year’s champions, LL, unfortunately, did not meet the expectations they had set and even received some ‘boos’ from the unimpressed crowd. PSA performed next and had powerful messages written on paper to display along with their routine. XM delivered a crowd-pleasing performance that was impressively executed with purpose and precise synchronisation. They took the crown for Best Formation Award.

The after party was the perfect way to end the day. The night starred Blaqstorm, Mjazz, Dj Slique and Naakmusiq. The crowd was ecstatic and filled with energy as people danced the night away and lost themselves to the great atmosphere. Calling it a good time would be an absolute understatement because, as it does every year, the Campus Life Festival lived up to its reputation of exceptional festivity.

Photographer: Thando Khanda

Meet the DJ’s that rocked the Carnival

DJ playing at the Carnival

An exciting and sizzling start to the year was exactly what the Freshers Carnival was. Our campus grounds were flourishing! Amidst the students looking fresh and oozing great energy, hot artists from across the country performed. We were lucky enough to catch international icon, DJ Shimza and local treasure, DJ Mleistar for a word or two.

Headlining act, DJ Shimza made his appearance shortly after midnight and wasted no time in mesmerising the crowd with his infectious ‘House’ beats. In our interview with him, we were curious to know where in the world the successful artist enjoys being the most. He gave the crown to Ibiza. ‘It’s the capital of partying’, he said, adding that he enjoys working with the energy there.

Out of his events in the past year, the talented producer claimed his annual ‘One Man Show’ as his most memorable. As for who his favourite local artist is, Shimza said he couldn’t pick. He appreciates the dynamics different artists bring to the industry.

‘Be yourself’, the DJ said when asked for a word of advice to students. Patience and persistence are key factors he also added, reminding us of his own journey that has taken about 15 years. The hardworking man believes his work is far from over and that he has more to achieve and many people to still reach.

DJ Mleistar, who took to the stage after Shimza, won the crowd over with his fresh Hip Hop sound. He describes himself as a ‘musical soul’ with an inborn passion for music. He listens to a variety of music, but as a DJ, is centred on Hip Hop as it’s at a peak right now.

When asked who his inspiration is, the talented man admitted it comes from various people. He believes he shouldn’t have to only observe DJs for inspiration, especially for his unique sound which he feels only he can piece together. In his words, ‘There can only be one Mleistar’.

A question on the #OpenUpTheIndustry topic on social media had Mleistar express concern over how anyone can become an influencer today – not for having actual skills- but for simply having many followers. He shared his pain in seeing genuine talent go unrecognised due to this.

‘It used to be a big deal having four DJs around. But now around every corner you [turn], there’s a DJ. Everyone has a small studio, […] making beats because of the internet or YouTube tutorials. I wish it was more about talent than anything.’

His final words, acknowledging our DJ society, were to us students. ‘You shouldn’t follow a trend. Rather stick to the sound that you like. Master it, then take it to the world.


To Vegan or Not to Vegan – Let’s Start the discussion

This interview is in conjunction with a more extensive exploration into the topic taking place in the MadibazNews newspaper. There you will find more lengthy and diverse interviews. The disclaimer can be found in our seventh edition. Continue reading to hear the thoughts of Tayla Hynch, Nelson Mandela University student, who has been a vegan for a decade.

What prompted you to start, and what is the main reason behind you, following a vegan diet?
When I was twelve years old, I watched a documentary called Earthlings. It opened my eyes to how cruelly animals were treated for the sake of human enjoyment. After doing some further research, I realized that being vegan for animals is not the only benefit – it does wonders for your health, as well as the environment. It’s been ten years and I’m loving it.

How difficult or easy do you find it to maintain a vegan diet?
I find it incredibly easy in terms of food. Vegan staples (beans, rice, pasta, fruit and veggies) are so cheap that I find myself saving money. In terms of backlash, I find it difficult that some people only ask me about veganism to attack me. On the other side of that though, it brightens up my day to be able to have an open-minded and engaging discussion with someone.

Do you find it difficult to accept people’s choice to not follow a vegan diet? And how do you go about expressing your view points to someone who disagrees with you in this regard?
I can never judge someone for how they choose to eat (after all, I ate meat for twelve years). If someone wants to talk about their opposing views, I am always interested to talk to them respectfully and open-mindedly.

What are your top tips to someone who would like to start a vegan diet?

  • Don’t jump into it all at once! Studies have found that people who [make an extreme change] often end up quitting out of frustration. Cut things out slowly.
  • Find some vegan friends. It’s awesome to be able to share recipes or talk about how difficult it is to give up cheese or how great a new vegan documentary is. It makes the journey more fun.
  • Try new foods. Experiment with dishes you have never tried before or find a way to make your favourite dish vegan-friendly.
  • Lastly, don’t beat yourself up if you make a mistake. No one is perfect, and there are animal products in more things than anyone realises. It’s okay to make mistakes.

How has a vegan diet improved your life?
I had a few problems with my weight, constantly fluctuating between being slightly overweight or underweight. Being vegan has kept my weight healthy and stable. I also find myself so much happier, knowing that I can eat and dress guilt free. It’s difficult once a person has made the connection between animals and ethics to be able to continue in a non-vegan lifestyle. Having my ethics align with my actions has put my mind at peace.

Image source: Pexels.com

Everyday in October is a Holiday, Kinda

When we think of holidays, we often think of being away from school or work and having fun with family and friends. What if we tell you about the holidays that although may not be days off, are still fun to celebrate. Let’s discuss some of the bizarre holidays in October and how we can celebrate them.

1st October: World Vegetarian Day
This holiday is to spread awareness about vegetarianism. If you are vegetarian, you can cook a vegetarian meal for your mates and, if you are not, you can try out being a vegetarian on this day. Who knows? Maybe you’ll enjoy it!

3rd October: Boyfriend Day
Guys are probably anticipating being spoiled today – but not this year chaps. Be selfless and let your S/Os slay their boyfriend jeans and blazers in celebration of this day.

5th October: Do Something Nice Day
Many students volunteer for altruistic reasons including to gain experience or to increase their chances in terms of employment. Whether or not you have been considering volunteering, now is your chance. You can volunteer at Animal Welfare, buy your friend a drink, or pay someone a compliment.

10th October: Take-Your-Teddy-Bear-to-Work Day
Imagine walking around with a teddy bear on campus or at work. Everyone will be looking at you, right? And some people may even ask you why you are carrying around a teddy bear. If you feel comfortable with this extra attention, why not bring your teddy bear to campus – maybe it will cheer someone up.

25th October: World Pasta Day
It is pretty obvious what you should have for supper today – maybe try a new pasta recipe, get some friends together and bon appétit!

Have a happy October!

Image source: Bianke Fouche

Jojo Moyes Does It Again – ‘Still Me’ Book Review

Me Before You, After You and now, Still Me – the progression of these book titles satisfies me immensely. It has been a long and fulfilling journey with Louisa Clark, the fictional main character of this series written by Jojo Moyes. Most people will know her from the first book, Me Before You since it gained a lot of attention after being adapted into a movie in 2016. The third book in the series, called Still Me, was published this year (2018) so it is fresh on the shelves and, let me tell you, it does not disappoint! Usually when I read a book during term time, it takes me quite a while to finish it, but I smashed this one out really quickly.

The novel follows Louisa as she embarks on her newest adventure to live and work in New York. It is a story about adventure, taking risks and feeling lost, but how ultimately, life is about constantly growing, learning and finding out who we are. As the protagonist learns this, so do the readers. We learn of the ability that we all have to define who we are – no matter who surrounds us or where we find ourselves in the world. It is an inspiring and empowering message.

With Moyes’ excellent writing, the words flow effortlessly and paints the most vivid story. I highly recommend getting your hands on this one.

Get Your Series on with Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger

If you are looking for a new series to start binging, look no further than Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger! This explosive show introduces a superhero duo that is bound to get you excited.

Based on the eponymous comic books, it follows the chronicles of two superheroes who also happen to be star-crossed lovers. The series, which only has ten episodes thus far – but has been renewed for a second season come early 2019 – stars Olivia Holt as Tandy/Dagger and Aubrey Joseph as Tyrone/Cloak.

Cloak & Dagger follows the lives of Tandy and Tyrone as they find their ever growing powers and in the midst of all of that, ultimately find each other. So, if you’re a fan of romance, mystery and serious action, this show is definitely for you as it offers all that and more.

“The show got me hooked from the first few minutes of episode one and I couldn’t stop watching it! I don’t usually enjoy superhero shows but I would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone,” says Iviwe Soto.

Cloak and Dagger has a different approach to the cliché superhero series because it plays on one’s heartstrings. With a lot of drama and secrets, the show is the ultimate suspense filled romance/action TV show of the moment – it basically covers all of your expectations!

A Student’s Guide to Eating Out on a Budget in Port Elizabeth

Seattle Coffee Summerstrand Madibaz Madibaznews

Some of the reasons us students eat out at restaurants are for a quick break, to unwind at the end of a long week or an exceptionally long day, when there’s no time or energy to cook a meal because there’s always something to get done, or to catch up with friends.  At the same time, it’s fair to say that we do so when there is no pressure of having to pay a ridiculous amount of money just to eat out. This is where these top three restaurant deals come in. They are just the fix!

Seattle Coffee
From their spacious Walmer Branch to the on-the-go branch in Summerstrand on the way to school, Seattle Coffee is perfect for both coffee and non-coffee lovers alike. The cafe has a point system, recording each purchase you make when you enter your phone number. Your 11th drink is free, ensuring that all your visits don’t go to waste.

This is for all the pizza lovers who also appreciate a restaurant with great decor and ambience too! Every Monday at Bocadillos is half price on all their pizzas, with a variety of choices for meat-eaters and vegetarians as well.

The Bru Bar
The Bru Bar is a great place for both drinks and great food. Mondays at the restaurant offer a 2 for 1 pizza special while Thursdays are for their buy 1 get 1 free for burger special.

These are just some of the great restaurant deals that P.E has to offer. So whether you’re a little low on cash or not, there’s always an opportunity to save but still enjoy some time out!

Photographer: Likhaya Tshaka